Diet Coke® XTRA toasted vanilla

*new* Diet Coke XTRA, 50% more caffeine than regular colas, infused blackberry, 500 mL bottle
DIET COKE® XTRA toasted vanilla 355 mL Can

Diet Coke® XTRA toasted vanilla

Diet Coke XTRA provides you with a delicious boost when you need it the most. with 50% more caffeine than regular colas, it provides the perfect refreshment for an afternoon pick-me-up or whenever you require a lift. Diet Coke XTRA combines the bold, crisp flavour of Diet Coke with a smooth and creamy toasted vanilla flavour. Diet Coke XTRA's unique flavour and boost is delivered with no sugar and no calories.

available in 355 ml and 500 ml.

Diet Coke XTRA Infographic showing Diet Coke XTRA has 59 mg of caffeine